Ice Cream Destinations For The Web

Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Salted Caramel, Vanilla ice cream with ripples of handcrafted Caramel and Maldon’s Sea salt flakes

Belgian Chocolate, Straight up

Strawberry, with a touch of sour cream and orange zest.

Rocky Road, marshmallows, chocolate chunks and toasted Almond in Chocolate Ice Cream.

Mint Chip, Peppermint Ice Cream with Belgian Dark chocolate chunks

Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream with Fudge ripple and Cookie chunks

Espresso Almond Chocolate Chunk, espresso ice cream with toasted Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chunks

Lemon Sorbet, dairy free with fresh lemon and zest.

Dairy Free Belgian Chocolate, coconut base

These flavours are designed to give shops a traditional line of top selling flavours to be marketed however they see fit. For Belly’s Signature line of Award winning flavours, shops agree to display signage that can be custom made to fit their shop.

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